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Team Value helps modern companies successfully address challenges of complex business planning
Our services
  • Sales
    Customer goals and our expertise determine a roadmap and a project business value. That is where we rely on personal approach to each customer and strive to work on proof of concept first.
  • Implementation
    Team work in reaching project goals, Agile project management and open communication, guarantee not only successful project implementation, but prepare our customers and their teams for independent work with the solution after the implementation has been completed.

  • Academy
    By conducting regular workshops and training courses we want to make sure that our customers stay tuned for all the new features, best practices and improve their skills.
  • Advisory
    We know how to make it better. Deep experience in various business areas allows us to establish ourselves as trusted advisors to our clients.

    — is a process existing in all functions across the company and on various levels of management. However, data granularity, planning approaches, employees involved could be unique for every single business planning process (Sales, Marketing, HR, Supply, etc.). Therefore, it is not easy to connect them all in one platform.
    — or integrated business planning, is an aligned process that helps organizations to reduce vertical and horizontal barriers. It creates a common ground for efficient team work, speeds up business operations and helps companies to react to necessary changes.
Business Process
  • S&OP:

    Sales and operations planning (S&OP) sets a variety of KPIs for sales, production, marketing, supply chain and finance. It is indispensable to work in sync to see the overall picture of company's operations and maximize margin.

  • Finance:

    FP&A function should be a trusted adviser for business with a single source of data.

  • S&OP Crucial points:

    • Increase service levels and accuracy
    • Improve collaboration with customers and suppliers
    • Optimize product innovation scenarios by accessing and coordinating launch plans for maximum profitability
    • Manage stock levels
  • Finance Crucial points:

    • Speed up the process
    • Increase transparency
    • Increase confidence in numbers
    • Perform data reconciliation process
    • Consolidate data on one platform in different granularity
ANAPLAN is a cloud-native platform designed to enable collaborative planning across all business areas. It unites people, integrates data and consolidates business plans for companies to drive growth, to succeed at scale and to respond to market changes.

    Description: Preparing for the unexpected, staying ahead of immediate or potential changes in the market.

    Advantages of Anaplan: Flexible platform customized for your business purposes with ability to model on the fly; business driven tool

    Description: Keeping the business moving in unison, connecting people, data, and plans across the enterprise

    Advantages of Anaplan: The Anaplan platform collects and analyzes data from across the company in a single location, enabling both high-level and granular analyses and facilitating data sharing with all stakeholders. APIs, ETL connectors, and built-in integrations easily communicate with other solutions. Anaplan is a cloud platform with a real time calculation and user-friendly interface.

    Description: Organizing multiple parts, Maintain 100% consistency across all business processes.

    Advantages of Anaplan: Anaplan is a single platform for different use cases: Finance, Supply, Sales, Marketing, HR, etc.

    Description: Scale up your business

    Advantages of Anaplan:
    The Anaplan platform brings together data from your entire organization, scaling up as you grow and handling real-time changes at any size. Calculations stay consistent and quick for all data sets and any number of users.

How we do IT
We believe that key points of a successful project are transparency and collaboration. That's why it is necessary to clearly set targets and involve all the right people at every stage .

First of all, define your business value. Then, our delivery experts work as a single team with your team, promptly responding to change requests and developing an MVP (minimum viable product).

For a 3D view, a Customer Success team monitors performance to make sure that the business value is accelerating.


Business value definition:

▪︎ KPI – key performance indicator
▪︎ ROI – return on investment
▪︎ MVP – minimum viable product

Delivery & Go-Live:

▪︎ The Anaplan Way (Agile methodology)
▪︎ One Project Team (customer involved at every stage)
▪︎ Business Processes Bottleneck detection & Optimization
▪︎ Audit of implemented solutions
▪︎ Center of Excellence (CoE) creation

Customer Success:

▪︎ Support
▪︎ Business expertise
▪︎ Center of Excellence (CoE) development

We can help to configure User Interface in accordance with Anaplan Best Practices
Performance and Sizing
Model's evaluation to make sure that models were built efficiently and works with maximum performance. Advices to optimise your models

We can help with integration to existing infrastructure, configure job automation, do the schedule for your processes and solve custom tasks

Model's Audit, Architecture advices, new Anaplan features explanation, and solution of other unique cases to help your business be in a good shape
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